Tailgating is permitted only for Arizona Rattlers games in Lot G.
Please review the list of guidelines below before your arrival to the tailgate. 


  • Audio Equipment: Portable public address systems and DJs are not permitted. Large portable radios, commercial speaker systems and sound systems inside vehicles, cannot be used at excessive volume levels. Music not suitable for a public setting (i.e. profanity in lyrics) will also not be permitted. 
  • Food and Beverages: Fans are limited to preparing/providing food and beverages for their family and friends only. Private catering companies or the sale of food or beverage items to other fans on property are not permitted. Alcohol is also not permitted on the property.
  • Generators: Small portable electric generators (6500W or less) are allowed; however, electrical cords cannot be placed across the parking area drive aisles or any sidewalk to prevent trip hazards. Cords of any kind cannot be plugged into existing electrical outlets of Desert Diamond Arena infrastructure.
  • Grills: Natural gas or propane grills are permitted; however, charcoal/pellet grills and oil fryers are NOT permitted.
  • Hours of Activity: Tailgating activities are permitted in Lot G only for Rattlers games (4 hours prior to game time) until the event starts. Tailgating after the event has begun or post-game is not permitted.
  • Parking Spaces: Tailgating must be limited to the area directly in front of or behind the vehicle. Tents and tailgating equipment must not extend beyond the red painted fire lanes, along sidewalks and painted walkways, or other areas deemed by arena staff members as an obstruction. Tailgating in empty stalls is prohibited, even with an unused parking permit. The dimensions of an ADA Parking Stall are 10.9’ x 18’. The dimensions of a Standard Parking Stall are 8.5’ x 18’. Both spaces come with an additional 5’ at the end of the parking spot leading up to the red fire lane line. View parking map
  • Prohibited Items and Actiities: Weapons of any kind, unmanned aircraft systems (drones, radio-controlled model aircraft, etc.), fireworks, glass containers, the sales of goods or services, advertising or the display of commercial signage on tents are prohibited. Signage, posters, flags or displays that are identified by security staff and deemed inappropriate, political in nature or offensive, are also prohibited.
  • Tents: Fans are permitted to bring up to a 10’x10’ shade tent for use within your space. Please only use above ground weights for your tents and stay within the red painted fire lane on the asphalt.
  • Waste: The Rattlers and Desert Diamond Arena encourage all fans to reduce, reuse and recycle and dispose of all waste in appropriate waste and recycling containers. All sites must be cleaned up prior to exiting the lot.