The Desert Diamond Arena Box Office is located on the North East corner of the venue between Gate 4 (main gate) and Gate 5.

Please note, the Box Office is closed on non-event days and is open three hours prior to show time for all events. 

ADA Accessible Tickets

ADA accessible seating is available on all levels of Desert Diamond Arena and is available on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

Accessible seating is available through

On the upper right hand side of your screen there is an ADA button that will allow you to choose available accessible seating


Accessible seating is also available for purchase directly at the Desert Diamond Arena Box Office during operating hours.

When ordering accessible tickets, it is important to please indicate that you require accessible seating so we can provide the best possible experience for you on the date of your event.

For more information on accessible tickets and services available at Desert Diamond Arena events, please click here.

Child Tickets

For most events, everyone needs a ticket regardless of age. Please check the specific event page for any revised age restrictions for that event.

Online Purchases

Tickets may be purchased online through the following channels:

We cannot verify the legitimacy of tickets purchased through any other site and strongly advise fans to only purchase their tickets through those listed above.

Payment Methods

Desert Diamond Arena is a cashless environment. Please plan on using Visa, MC, AMEX or Discover to purchase tickets at the box office.

Will Call

Will Call tickets are only available for pick up at the box office at show time on day of event. Tickets may only be picked up by the account holder whose name is on the account. A current valid government issued ID is required for pick up.

Mobile Ticketing

Please note that Desert Diamond Arena events are mobile only ticketing which means your mobile phone is your ticket. Tickets will no longer be available to print at home or by mail.

Before arriving to your event, please download the Ticketmaster or AXS app on your mobile device and locate your tickets in your account. Save your tickets to your mobile wallet before arriving to the venue. Upon arrival, you will present your tickets from your mobile wallet to the ticket scanner who will scan the barcode.

Mobile Ticketing FAQs

What are the benefits of mobile tickets?

A mobile ticket is a convenient and safe way to receive, manage and utilize your tickets. It’s our goal to make your Desert Diamond Arena experience the very best, and mobile tickets provide:

  • Quick and easy entry into Desert Diamond Arena using your mobile phone or smart device
  • Instant access to all your tickets through the Ticketmaster or AXS app
  • The ability to manage, send or sell your tickets anytime
  • Reduced risk of lost or forgotten tickets
  • Increased protection against paper ticket fraud

How do I access my tickets on my smartphone?

Download the Ticketmaster or AXS app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Sign into your Ticketmaster or AXS account. Go to “Tickets” or “Manage Tickets.” Browse for the specific event you’re looking for and tap to see your tickets. To ensure seamless entry, we highly recommend adding your tickets to your phone’s digital wallet before arriving to the event. If you have an iPhone, you can store your tickets in your Apple Wallet. If you’re an Android user, you can save your tickets to your phone through Google Play. When you arrive at Desert Diamond Arena, present your smartphone to the guest services representative to have your ticket scanned.

Can I print my ticket from home?

With Desert Diamond Arena utilizing Safetix™, all tickets are fully digital and only accessible on your mobile device. Print at home tickets (PDF) are no longer valid for entry. Your phone is your ticket.

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket?

No, a mobile ticket must be provided either within the app, the mobile website or within your phone’s wallet to gain entry. Screenshots will not be accepted.

What is Safetix™?

Safetix™ is a new ticket technology that ties a unique, identifiable digital barcode to each ticket on a mobile device. The ticket is secured and identified via:

  • Safetix™ Barcode: An encrypted barcode that automatically refreshes to protect tickets from screenshots or photocopies.
  • Safetix™ Wallet: This form of entry allows a contactless experience by tapping the phone against the scanner, rather than scanning a barcode. Once tickets are added to the wallet, Safetix™ Wallet further enhances security since it doesn’t reveal a barcode, eliminating the ability to take screenshots and replicate tickets.

What if I lose connectivity/can’t connect to my account at Desert Diamond Arena?

The Ticketmaster or AXS app includes an offline mode that helps to save tickets after you view them. Once the tickets have been added to your account, you will be able to access them regardless of internet connectivity. By adding the tickets to your Apple or Google Play wallet, you can enter the venue without internet connection.

What if my phone breaks, dies, or is lost/stolen before I arrive?

Simply come to the box office on the North East corner of the arena, present your ID and we can issue your ticket.

What if my entire party isn’t with me when I’m ready to enter?

Mobile tickets make it easy to send tickets to everyone in your party in advance. You can easily transfer each guest their own ticket in advance, allowing everyone to enter on their own as they arrive.

How do I send a ticket?

  • It’s simple! Using the Ticketmaster or AXS app, sign into your account.
  • Select My Events, then tap the event you’d like to transfer tickets for.
  • Tap Transfer, select the ticket(s) you’d like to send, and enter the recipient’s information.
  • You’re all set! We’ll send an email to your recipient to accept their tickets right in their account.
  • Sending multiple tickets? Simply complete the steps above for each ticket.
  • The person you are sending tickets to must create a Ticketmaster or AXS account using the email address the tickets were sent to, if they do not have one already.


When transferring tickets you'll receive two (2) emails: one confirming your ticket(s) have been sent and another when your recipient accepts the tickets you sent. Your recipient will also receive an email prompting them to accept your tickets. once the ticket transfer has been accepted, the tickets in your account are no longer valid and you will not be able to get into the event with those tickets. 

Those receiving a ticket transfer must have an account. If they do not have an account, they can easily create one when they accept the tickets.